Palace Festivals at Enderun Courtyard. Horse, Arrow and Hawk from Steppes to the Palace

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

As you know that the most beautiful and selection of Horses had always been in Privy Stables at The Topkapi Palace.

Horse is a very important component or symbol at the history of ottoman dynasty. In this contex horses have always esteemed by sultans.

Especially, at the time of the Sultan Murad IV the best horses ornameted with  the most beautiful harnesses and the archers showed at back of the Enderun Courtyard on horseback for  the sultans’ pleasure. These demonstrations were watched  by the sultans from the kiosk at the forth courtyard of the palace. Oneday while sultan Murad IV. was watching one of these  shows from the kiosk he could not stand himself because he was very exiting during the show and became involved in the Archer’s show or another sport organization with horse.

Some of these historical activities were re-animated at the Palace at last days. Within the scope of this, Artist Cemal Hünal and friends organized horseriding, archery and aviary shows in the name of Club of Horse Archery of Istanbul at the Palace at the date April 17th 2013.