Love for Prophet: Prophet at his birth's 1443th Anniversary

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Within the scope of events of Blessed Birth Week, the exhibition: "Love for Prophet: Prophet at his birth's 1443th Anniversary" will be on display at the dates between April 9th - July 15th 2014 at the Topkapı Palace Treasury Ward with the cooperation of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Presidency of Religious Affairs.

99 objects will be on display at the exhibition which organized by Topkapı Palace Museum experts. 92 objects are from the Manuscript Library, Holy Relics department, Treasury department, Sultan Clothes department, Portraits department and equipments department of the Topkapı Palace Museum. 5 objects are from the Directory of the Tombs Museum. And 1 object both from the Directory of Foundation Calligraphy Museum and Uğur Derman collection.

Parts of the Exhibiton and Highlights

Prophet Muhammed's Birth: This part includes Suleiman Chalabi's Mevlüd and a miniature which depicting the Prophet Muhammed's birth from the Siyer-i Nebi a manuscript that Prophet Muhammed's life illustrated with miniatures. This part includes also the plates depicting the Seal of Prophecy.  Prophecy: This part includes miniature that depicting the first revelation moment, and Hilye-i Sharifs that Prophet Muhammed's physical attributes, good moral, and behaviours inscripted upon. Ascension: This part, includes the surah of Isra from Quran that Prophet Muhammed's Ascension was telling which written with a brilliant calligraphy by Sheik Hamdullah. Also the page that depicting Ascension from the Câmi's Yusuf ile Züleyha. Caps with figures of Prophet Muhammed's footprint, Model of Başmak-ı Sharif, embroidery of the Prophet Muhammed's footprint, Miraciye that one of the most beautiful samples of Miraciyes written at the 18th century by İsmail Hakkı Bursevi that telling about the Ascension stage by stage. Hejira: Medina part and pictures of Masjid-i Nabawi starting with the Prophet Muhammed's Hejira to Medina from the manuscript Dürretü't Tâc fi Sîret-i Sâhibü'l-Mirâç and Appendixes. Battles: Esmâ-i Ashâb-ı Ehl-i Bedr, Gazâname-i Muhammedî, a covering and a plaque including the inscription of Aşere-i Mübeşşere. Quran with figures of Gül-i Muhammedî. Conquest of Mecca: A manuscript with miniatures called Külliyât-ı Tarih. Manuscript called Kısas-ı Enbiya which is about the stories of Prophets. Manuscript called Tercüme-i Mevâhibü'l-Ledünniye. Protections for Sakal-ı Sharif, soil of Medina and Hilye-i Sharif's. Demise: Miniature from the Siyer-i Nebî depicting Prophet Muhammed hugging with his grandsons Hz. Hasan and Hz. Hussein while laying on bed. Sacrophagus cover of Prophet Muhammed, golden censer and Hilye-i Sharifs. Rawda-i Mutahhara: Covers of Rawda-i Mutahhara, perception warrants, wheat, golden censer and rose water flask which presented to Hücre-i Saadet, bejewelled Kelime-i Tevhid, Hilye-i Sharif and its bejewelled cover, bejewelled rock crystal pendant candle, Quran with bejewelled binding and protection of Sakal-ı Sharif.  Love for Prophet at the Ottoman Palace: Silsilename, hadith plaques about the Ehl-i Beyt, murakkas, destimal and molds of destimal are on that part of exhibition

The earliest Hilye-i Sharif is the object belongs to Hafiz Osman dated H. 1084/ AD. 1673. Hilye-i Sharifs of Yesari, Yesarizade, Mehmed Hulusi, Kamil Akdik and Fatma Şerife Mevhibe Hanım who is a female calligraph are also the highlights of exhibiton.