Kilerli Koğuşu

Fatih Sultan Mehmet had the Pantry Ward built, within the Topkapı Palace area plan, between the Conqueror’s Pavilion and the Ward of the Treasury. The Chief of the Pantry Ward, the Pantry Ward Chamberlain was also the Superintendent in charge of the Imperial Court cuisine as a whole.  The duties of the Pantry Ward pages were the preparation of the Sultan’s dishes, the setting up and removal of the imperial dinner table, the proper maintaining of the Sultan’s valuable kitchen utensils. Besides preparing foodstuffs such as pastes, syrups, sherbets, fruits and dried fruits for the Sultan, the pages fabricated candles to be used in various pavilions, apartments and mosques of the Palace.  They also prepared medicine for the patients of the Enderûn Infirmary.  In April, they collected the “April Rain Water” believed to have healing properties and served it up to the Sultan.