The Twin Pavilions / Chamber of Crown Princes

The Twin Kiosk / Apartments of the Crown Prince (Çifte Kasırlar / Veliaht Dairesi) consist of two privy chambers both with classical fireplaces, built in the 17th century, but at different times. One of the units is domed; the other has a wooden ceiling. The hall located at the entrance is thought to have been built by Sultan Murat IV; and the one situated inside is believed to have been built by Sultan Mehmet IV.  The Twin Kiosk has been used as the privy chamber of the Crown Princes from the 18th century onwards.  The walls are adorned with two superimposed rows of windows grouped in sets of three. The stained glass pointed arches of the upper row of windows were renovated.  Fountains with marble-basins placed on the jambs of the window frames stand out as elements of the architectural style of the era. The hand-drawn gilded ornaments on the fabric coating the wooden ceiling are original. The walls, both internally and externally are covered with examples of the highest quality of the 17th century Iznik tile making in harmony with the style of the period.  The window frames and marble niches are gilded.