Treasury Ward

The Dormitory Of The Treasury (Hazîne Koğuşu) Responsibility for the Inner Palace Treasury (Enderûn Hazînesi) and for the palace’s jewellery and other precious items fell to those resident in this building which came to be known as the Dormitory of the Treasury or the Dormitory of the Treasury Guards (Hazîne Koğuşu). This building was constructed in the time of Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451-81) and maintained its importance in the palace throughout the centuries.  It burned down in the fire of 1856 and was subsequently rebuilt by Sultan Abdülmecid. The building is currently used as an exhibition hall. The Treasury Of The Chamberlain (Silâhdâr Hazînesi) The Treasury of the Chamberlain is adjacent to the building where the holy relics are housed. Here were stored the precious objects entrusted to the chamberlain: the sultan’s weapons, such as swords, maces, shields, and armor; the golden candelabra of the Privy Room and the Pavilion Hall; a certain amount of money that was used as “pocket money” by the sultan and was not kept in the treasury proper; those holy relics that were not kept in the Privy Room; the old draperies used at the Kaaba and environs (Harem-i şerîf) in Mecca, which would be sent back to Istanbul when the new draperies had been sent; old Qur’ans; and highly valuable old manuscripts. Currently, the Treasury of the Chamberlain is used for temporary exhibitions of the holy relics.