Treasury Ward

This ward was founded by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The pages from the Treasury Ward which had an important place within the Enderûn Institution were responsible for the proper conservation and protection of the treasures of the Palace. The ward’s original architecture comprised the front arcade, masonry external walls and a wooden interior.  It was contiguous with the Armoury Department and the Pantry Ward, but larger than those.  Treasury Superintendent Seferlili Dayezâde Mehmed Bey had that initial ward torn down along with the Pantry Ward and had the present structure built.  It is currently smaller than before since the spacing between the Pantry Ward and the Armoury Department was amplified.
The authority in charge of the Treasury Ward, which maintained its importance and existence from the establishment of the empire until its end was the Treasury Superintendent.  The pages of the ward who enjoyed great respect within the Enderûn system were the guardians of the Treasury. They kept the Treasury books update, performing routine stock takings; tallied and registered entries and exits of objects to and from the Treasury.
The only extant inscription of the Treasury Ward is above its gate. It is Saffet’s history in verses written by Calligrapher Mustafa İzzet Efendi. It points out to the year 1275 A.H. (1858 Gregorian) according to the result of numerological calculations. Although the Enderûn Institution was dissolved in the 19th Century, the Treasury Ward along with the Privy Chamber Ward was preserved.