Sofa Kiosk

The Sofa Pavilion (Kara Mustafa Pasha Pavilion) Though the exact date of the initial construction of this pavilion is unknown, it is sometimes called the Sofa Pavilion due to the fact that it was built sometime during the 1676-83 grand viziership of Kara Mustafa Pasha. Two inscriptions on the building reveal that it underwent restoration during the reigns of Sultan Ahmed III (r. 1703-30) and Sultan  Mahmud I (r. 1730-54). The most important work in Sofa Pavilion’s inventory is a gold-plated bronze brazier signed “Duplesis”. It was sent to Sultan Mahmud I by the French King Louis XV in 1742. The building also features Louis XV tables, candelabra, and cabinets. This pavilion was the first example of a new style that has since come be to be called “Turkish Rococo” and it had a great influence on 18th-century residential architecture; particularly on the seaside mansions, found along the Bosphorus.