Privy Stables / Imperial Stables

The structure used for the horses of the Sultan and of the Enderûn aghas (ağalar) is dated to the first period of the palace. The stable sheltering a certain number of selected horses belonging to the Sultan was under the responsibility of the stableman (imrahor). The space covered with a single dome and the connecting rooms located at the north end of the rectangular-shaped structure served as storage hall for the valuable harnesses and saddles of the Sultan, the “Imperial Harness Treasury” (Raht-ı Hümâyûn Hazinesi). The ornamented ceiling of the domed space was transposed here from the Köçeoğlu Mansion during the 1940 refurbishing. This section housed as well the apartments of the Stables’ Custodian (Ahır Emini), also called the Chief Stableman (Baş imrahor) and other attendants. From the inscription on its gate, we understand that the building was completely restored in 1736 and the old mosque and baths in the courtyard were re-constructed by Chief Eunuch Beshir Agha (Dârü’s-saâde Ağası Beşir Ağa). The basins in the courtyard date from the periods of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (1451-81) and Sultan Murat III (1574-95). The Imperial Stables connect with the First Courtyard / Ceremony Square through the passage way called the Stable Gate or Gate of Meyyit  (Funeral Gate).