Main Entrance

The main entrance (Cümle Kapısı) separates the harem in which the family and the concubines of the Sultan resided from the Courtyard of the Eunuchs. This gate, an open platform with domes and arches leads out into the sentry post (Nöbet Yeri) to which the three main sections of the harem are connected.  The lateral wall of the platform is covered with panels using the famous cypress-dotted tiles typical of the Topkapı Harem. The access to this space is provided through a crowned archway with Rumi style ornamentations (a style of ornamentation, widely used by the Seljuks of Anatolia) and bearing a 1667 dated Koran verses inscription. The door on the left of the sentry post leads through the Passage of the Concubines to the Court of the Concubines (Cariyeler Taşlığı). The door in the middle leads to the Court of the Queen Mother (Valide Taşlığı) and the door to the right leads through the Golden Road (Altınyol) to the Sultan's quarters. The large mirrors in this hall date from the 18th century.