Iftaree Pavilion

The gilded İftar Pavilion, also known as İftar Kiosk or İftar Bower (İftariye Köşkü or İftariye Kameriyesi) was built under Sultan Ibrahim (1640-1648). The tombac pavilion shaped as an alcove, separated from the Marble Terrace through its protruding position, dominates over the lower gardens and the Golden Horn and Galata. The Sultans are reported to have had the custom to make their iftar i.e. break their fast under this bower after sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan, wherefrom comes the name İftariye Kiosk. Some sources refer to this resting place as the "Moonlit Seat" where the Sultans received the Bayram (the end of Ramadan holiday) greetings of the Enderûnî people (members of the innermost circle of the Palace) whenever the Bayram period coincided with the summer months. They also watched from here the sporting events performed on the yard below.