The Hall with Fountain

The double space room at the entrance of the Harem was called the Hall with the Fountain due to the marble fountain which was under its dome. It reached our present-day in its remodelled form after the 1665 Harem fire. It was conceived as an entrance hall under the control of the Harem eunuchs. This space is connected through a series of doorways to the Great (Horse) Mounting and Curtain Gate connecting the Harem to the Privy Garden (Has Bahçe); andto the Masjid (Mescit) of the Eunuchs and to the Tower of Justice. The stone pedestal in front of the Masjid was foreseen for the Sultan to step on while mounting his horse and the seating benches were there to be used by the guardsmen. The fountain after which this space was named is currently at the basin below the Privy Chamber of Murat III. The walls of the Hall are covered with 17th century Kütahya tiles.