Fourth Court

The terrace known as the Royal Hall or the Marble Hall is the highest spot in the Fourth Courtyard and is the area onto which the double-columned portico of the Privy Room opens. This space, made up of a flower garden and a marble terrace with a pool, is one of the favorite sites in Topkapı Palace. The pool, located in front of the portico, contains a jet of water and was once larger but construction in the 17th century by Sultan Murad IV (r. 162340) and Sultan İbrahim I (r. 164048) resulted in the pool’s being narrowed and the widening of the terrace in the direction of the Golden Horn. In the Fourth Courtyard are found the Circumcision Chamber, the Iftar Gazebo, the Yerevan Pavilion and the Baghdad Pavilion. From this courtyard, located which is also a garden with tulips and other flowers, one descends a three-meter long staircase to the Royal Hall where the Pavilion Hall and the Tower of the Chief Physician are. The lowest terrace in this direction, which is toward the Marmara Sea, contains the Mecidiye Pavilion, the Garment Room and the Mosque of the Hall.