Chief physician’s Room / Head Tutor’s Tower

Tower Of The Chief Physician / Tower Of The Chief Tutor The Tower of the Chief Tutor, built atop the walls encircling the palace, was constructed in the time of Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451-81). This two-storey tower acquired its current appearance following alterations made in the time of Sultan Abdülmecid (r. 1839-61). Each of its four sides contains a window, and there is an iron door on the tower’s front side. Inside the tower and just to the right of the entrance is a door behind which a 14step staircase leads to the tower’s upper floor. The structure is called the Chamber of the Chief Physician owing to the fact that it was the place of employment of the physician who served the sultan and his family. It was also known also as the Tower of the Chief Tutor, since, within the hierarchy of the court, the Chief Physician served under the Chief Tutor. One of the main duties of the Chief Physician was to observe the pharmacist as he prepared the medicines the former had prescribed for the sultan. Once the medicines had been placed in a bottle, bowl, or other container, the Chief Physician would then seal them and present them to the sultan. The tower’s lower floor, restored in 1982, has been set up as a space for the exhibition of pharmaceutical instruments and materials.