The Dormitory of the Expeditionary Force

The Inner Palace’s Campaigner Corps were established in 1635 by Sultan Murad IV. The corps’ barracks door has an inscription of restoration bearing the calligraphic seal of Sultan Mehmed V Reşad (r. 1909-18) and was originally constructed at the beginning of the 18th century on the order of Sultan Ahmed III. The duty of the corps was to launder the sultan’s turbans and personal clothing and to accompany him on campaigns. The prayer mat on which the sultan would pray in the mosque would be laid out by the Chief of the Campaigners. The Campaigner Corps were initially charged with the duty of laundering the clothes of the people resident in the Inner Palace, as well as with the general upkeep of the Inner Palace but later came to embrace more professional and artistic activities such as archery, wrestling, singing, and hairdressing. The Dormitory of the Campaigners, a structure with two separate spaces, is currently used as an exhibition space for the clothing of the sultans.