Beshir Agha Mosque and Baths

The Beşir Ağa Mosque Located on the road leading to the gate of the Imperial Stables, the Beşir Ağa Mosque was built for use as a prayer room for stable employees by Hacı Beşir Agha, the keeper of the Abode of Felicity (Dârüssaâde) or Harem in the time of Sultan Mahmud I (r. 1730-54).

Beşir Ağa also had a fountain and bathhouse built beside the mosque; the bathhouse, known as the Halberdiers’ Bathhouse remained in use up to the 1920s, but unfortunately the building has not survived. The mosque and bathhouse primarily served employees of the Outer Palace, mainly seeing use by those working in the Imperial Stables and those residing in the Halberdiers’ Barracks.