Courtyard III

This ward was founded by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The pages from the Treasury Ward which had an important place within the Enderûn Institution were responsible for the proper conservation and protection of the treasures of the Palace. The ward’s original architecture comprised the front arcade, masonry external walls and a wooden interior.  It was contiguous with the Armoury Department and the Pantry Ward, but larger than those.  Treasury Superintendent Seferlili Dayezâde Mehmed... ...More
The Privy Chamber (Has Oda) also known as the Chamber of the Mantle of Felicity (Hırka-I Saadet Dairesi)  was built under Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror (1451-1481) in the Enderûn Courtyard as private mansion for the Ottoman Sultans.  It is a two-storey typical palace pavilion with a quad space (four-section) layout.  The double space room at the entrance is called the Hall with the Fountain (Şadırvanlı Sofa) due to the marble fountain located under its dome.  The other two... ...More
The Mosque of the Squires (Ağalar Camii) is the largest mosque in the palace. It is also one of the oldest constructions, dating from the 15th Century built during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. The Sultan, the squires and pages would come here to pray. The mosque is aligned in a diagonal line in the courtyard to make the minber  face Mecca.  It is situated adjacent to the Privy Chamber on the Golden Horn side of the Enderûn Courtyard. Its large central section was... ...More
Fatih Sultan Mehmet had the Pantry Ward built, within the Topkapı Palace area plan, between the Conqueror’s Pavilion and the Ward of the Treasury. The Chief of the Pantry Ward, the Pantry Ward Chamberlain was also the Superintendent in charge of the Imperial Court cuisine as a whole.  The duties of the Pantry Ward pages were the preparation of the Sultan’s dishes, the setting up and removal of the imperial dinner table, the proper maintaining of the Sultan’s valuable kitchen utensils.... ...More
The Privy Chamber was converted into accommodation for the officials of the Mantle of Felicity in the second half of the 19th century by adding a vault to the colonnades of the Privy Chamber in the Enderun courtyard, and walling them off. The columns, dome and stone walls inside the building date from the reign of Mehmed II (1441-1446/1451-1481).  Currently the ward is being used as exhibition space for the collection of the Portraits of the Sultans.