Courtyard III

The Dormitory Of The Treasury (Hazîne Koğuşu) Responsibility for the Inner Palace Treasury (Enderûn Hazînesi) and for the palace’s jewellery and other precious items fell to those resident in this building which came to be known as the Dormitory of the Treasury or the Dormitory of the Treasury Guards (Hazîne Koğuşu). This building was constructed in the time of Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451-81) and maintained its importance in the palace throughout the centuries.  It burned down in the fire of... ...More
The Privy Room (Has Oda) / The Chamber Of The Holy Relics (Mukaddes Emanetler Dairesi) The Privy Room, built during the time of Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1451-81) as the sultan’s private apartments on the courtyard of the Inner Palace, is a two-storey structure of four basic spaces. The first part, at the entrance, is the Fountain Hall, named for the fountain located beneath the first dome. Beneath the second dome is a bench on which the sultan could sit. The wooden doors and window shutters open... ...More
The Mosque of The Aghas of The Inner Palace (Enderûn Ağalar Câmii) Located adjacent to the Privy Room, the Mosque of the Aghas of the Inner Palace was built in the time of Sultan Mehmed II for use by the sultan, the white eunuchs, and the pupils of the Inner Palace school. As the palace’s oldest, largest, and most central mosque, it was placed diagonally to the courtyard because it had to face in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca. Its interior is decorated with early 17th-century Iznik tiles... ...More
The Butlers’ Dormitory (Kilerli Koğuşu) The Butlers’ Dormitory was a section of the palace charged both with maintaining the palace’s storerooms (kiler) and with serving the sultan. Those who worked here were respected palace employees who were quite close to him. The most important duties of the butlers were to cook the sultan’s food, lay the tables, wait on the tables (and clear them after meals), keep the silverware, and wash the dishes. Additionally, they were responsible for providing food... ...More
The Privy Room Aghas The Privy Room Aghas came from the highest ranks of the Inner Palace school. The young boys (iç oğlanları) who were to be primed for this group were chosen from among the school’s best and brightest pupils. The Privy Room Aghas would spend all their time in the presence or proximity of the sultan, and were charged not only with serving him, but also with the maintenance and preservation of the holy relics. When the dormitory of the Privy Room Aghas was converted into the... ...More