Apartments of the Sultans’ Favorite Wives

The three independent tiled units, equipped with fireplaces, located on the courtyard section facing the Golden Horn were the living spaces of the Sultan’s Chief Consorts. These quarters were erected at the end of the 16th century contemporaneously with the transfer of the whole Harem population into the Topkapı Palace. The porticoes of the three units were merged together in the 17th century so as to form an entrance section. The apartments are two-storey structures featuring main halls with a double-level height facing the scenery on the one side and the staircase on the opposite side. The upper floors consist of stairheads overlooking the courtyard and mezzanines opening onto the main halls. The main halls equipped with fireplaces are covered with 17th century Ottoman tiles and ornamented with hand-drawn patterns. The apartments are seated on pillared basements, which constitute the multi-storey wards allocated to the concubines providing exclusive service to the members of the dynasty.