Apartments of the Sultan’s Favorites and the Mabeyn Courtyard

The Apartment of The Favorites and The Chamberlain’s Courtyard Unlike the other courtyards, the Chamberlain’s Courtyard is not entirely enclosed but rather remains open on one side. With the open side looking onto the Harem’s pool, the side of the courtyard that looks onto the Paved Courtyard of the Queen Mother contains the portico known as the Council Place of the Djinn. The upper floor of this portico is the Princes’ Apartments. When the Apartment of the Favorites was built within the Chamberlain’s Courtyard in the mid-18th century, the living quarters of the women were connected, for the first time, to the living quarters of the sultan. The apartment’s rows of rooms have extensions that jut outward, facing the terrace and allowing access between the different rooms. It is a widespread view that the firstfloor apartment of Sultan Abdülhamid I (r. 1774-89) was previously known as the Tower of Selim I (r. 1512-20). While this secluded tower and its bathhouse had formerly been used by the princes, following the construction of the Apartment of the Favorites it became the residence of Abdülhamid I and his family. Within this structure are also found a treasury constructed of stone with doors of bronze and a room of mirrors.