Apartments of the Sultan’s Favorites and the Mabeyn Courtyard

The Interval (Mabeyn) unit was built for the Sultans during the reign of Sultan Osman III (1754-1757). The Mabeyn Courtyard was eventually opened to women with the construction of the Apartments of the Favourites (Gözdeler Dairesi) in mid-18th century. Rooms on the upper floor destined to the use of Chief/Official Consorts (Kadınefendiler) have been built under Sultan Abdülhamit I (1774-1789).
The Apartments of the Favourites are to be characterized as an 18th century neo-classical wooden mansion with cloisters, elevated on a platform and featuring lathwork-built halls. The ranges of protruded rooms overlooking the terrace are buttressed through curved supports.  The mezzanines with grid windows vis-à-vis the cloister arches are the wards of the concubines.
The Sultan Abdülhamit I apartment situated at the lower level was built onto the partially destroyed Selim I Tower. The tower with its bath and its protective structure which had been historically used by the princes of the dynasty, eventually turned, following the construction of the Apartments of the Favourites,  into a space where Sultan Abdülhamit I lived together with his family.