Baklava Day at Palace

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tradational Wish Mery Holiday ( Bayramlaşma - Celebrating )and sweet pastry with nuts or Baklava Parade was celabrated with the attendant of the Museum’s staff and visitors  who come early for the visit at the Topkapi Palace second courtyard  on Augst 12th.

 Before this event President of the Topkapi Palace Museum Prof. A. Haluk Dursun said to the attendants “  We should have only one aim being here that is serve to the palace”

He continued his speach and said that “ When you look at the Palace you can see a symbol every corner of the palace or everywhere that means there is symbolism here. For example: Flowing of water is heighy important belief because between the plane tree which symbolizing the ottoman sovereignty and power and the cypress which symbolizing afterlife at the heaven gardens. Another feature of the palace is feed the people and offer them.

It was held so many religious festive ceramonies in front of the Gate of Felicity at the palace history and now in this contex we have animated this tradation again here. After this time and event we would like to introduce you  promotion of palace traditions to the visitors.

There were so many foreign visitors who come from differant part of the world during the event.